Click the + icon (on the right) and choose an element on the page to start commenting

What if this (⬆) is all you had to tell your clients to teach them how to communicate with you?

As simple as that.

Get the PRO version of WP FeedBack, a fully integrated WordPress plugin AND cloud-based centralized dashboard where all of your websites are in 1 place.

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3 things you can do to test the plugin

Create a new task

Click the + icon on the right and choose any element on the page to start commenting. Choose users, status, urgency and check the details.

Reply to an existing task

Click any of the other stickers on the page, generated by other users and leave a reply.
BONUS: Try to take a screenshot 😉

Open the sidebar

Click our icon under the + to manage multiple tasks easily – Click one of the tasks to be redirected to the exact location. You can also show completed tasks.

WP FeedBack PRO works with ANY theme or page builder

But just to be sure, here are demos for the leading page builders:


Seen enough?

Are you ready to save time and keep your clients coming back for more?

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What’s it good for?

Absolutely everything

Request Content

Getting your client to provide you with the content for the website can be a real nightmare!

How to in 5 steps

  1. Build the page (Even if just a prototype) and add “Lorem Ipsum” (placeholder text).
  2. Tell your client to click any placeholder text on the page and tell you what to add there, asking to match the length of the text.
  3. The plugin will send progress reports and reminders.
  4. Copy the text from the comment to the relevant text area.
  5. Done.
Stress Level

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Approve Designs

No more countless emails and long revision sheets with no visual or technical context.

How to in 5 steps

  1. Build and design the page using custom code or your fav page builder.
  2. Tell your client to click any element on the page and tell you what’s up.
  3. The plugin will bind the request to the relevant div on the exact location (even on mobile) and collect technical information (like screen size and browser).
  4. Fix the request or respond.
  5. Done.

Provide Support

Empower your client to get to know her/his own website while (finally) visualising your value to justify premium support.

How to in 5 steps

  1. Sign up the client to a monthly plan.
  2. Tell your client to click any element on the page and tell you what’s up – As he already knows by now.
  3. Click to see exactly where the issue is and fix it.
  4. Inspire your client to login to his/her own website so that they feel comfortable doing minor changes themselves while knowing that you have their back for more substantial changes or features.
  5. Repeat.

As simple as that.

Join our visual feedback revolution. It’s about time. Literally!

Manage all tasks in 1 place OR use Zapier

You can either use our client friendly Task Manager (seen below) OR use Zapier to feed the task to your favourite Support desk, CRM or even directly into a spreadsheet, in real time.

  • Frontend & WP Admin Live Feedback
  • Graphic feedback for your non HTML designs
  • White Label to fit your branding
  • Manage all websites from 1 dashboard
  • Advanced Notifications
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • Support & Updates
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